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Reading fantasy books and watching movies about elves, especially the Lord of the Rings, I have began to like the idea of living in the woods, on top of the trees. Imagine a house that is held near the crown of a tree. That was also my childhood dream – to have a tree house. Unfortunately I had no idea how to build one and my dad was of little help. Then I grew up and having a tree house became something of an incomplete dream. I promised myself that when i have kids I will build them one. In the mean time I have collected various designs for tree houses. Some are pretty astonishing. Check them out.

This awesome tree house is not only made with some real creativity and skills, but is also located in a creepy forest. I’m sure that not only a few people may have such place nearby, but I still have go give credit to the genius that made this happen. Some kids are really up for some great childhood.

This tree house looks like the ones in Lothlorien. Yeah, perhaps the colour scheme is a bit off, after all in the movie its all dark and blue and white, not red and warm, but that’s the interpretation of the director, not the person. I have read the book years ago and I can’t recall the exact description by Tolkien, but that doesn’t mean that it should not look like this! This tree house has one major advantage over the fictional ones – it’s real!

Nobody said that tree houses have to look like fairy tales. This modern piece of home design looks more like a parked futuristic space ship – made of wood. I know, It’s not exactly a tree  house, because it has too little space to live in, but it provides a nice retreat to just lie down among the trees, above ground level, and enjoy some silence.

Not every tree house has to be pretty. The only amazing thing about this one is that it resides upon two tree trunks.  You’ve got to have some courage to climb up there. In fact, it looks more like a home of some witch, which lives near a forest, with this house, that walks. Or a Roman army outpost. At any rate – it’s curious.

Back to the fairy tales – this piece of AWESOMENESS is my favorite! It’s highly unlikely that a random parent build this one for his kids, but who says that living in a tree house is a child’s dream? You probably will be getting all bored living in your apartment in the city. If you can afford it, you can build yourself a retreat like this. If you’ve noticed the flag in the picture, this “elven home” is located in the UK! Maintenance of such a place will be worth a lot. No professional cleaner would accept to look after such place. That’s probably the only drawback – it’s hard to keep it clean. Regardless, I’m sure that with the right insensitive you can do anything!

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